You need a variety of supplies when you put on a metal roof. Whether you put metal roofs on occasionally or often, you need a metal roofing supplier that gets roofing materials to you quickly so your customer doesn't have to wait too long for their new roof. Plus, you want a supplier that can offer you all the supplies you need that are already color matched. Here are some things you'll need to order for a new metal roof installation.

The Metal Panels Or Shingles

Your customer can choose the style they like best for the metal panels. They can also choose the color they prefer. Basic choices in roofing panels include hidden and exposed fastener panels. Panels with hidden fasteners are popular because they are attractive and have a lower risk of leaking. The seams are usually raised and they lock together to cover the fasteners below.

Exposed fastener roofing doesn't try to hide the screws. However, you can buy screws from a metal roofing supplier with heads that match the color of the roofing panels you buy. This makes the screws less noticeable.


If you plan to install the metal roof on top of an old metal roof, you'll probably want to order purlins. You may even want purlins so you can attach a single layer of metal roofing to them rather than directly to the deck. The purlins go over the deck or over old metal roofing before the new metal panels go down.


Ordering flashing from a metal roofing supplier rather than making your own from sheet metal allows you to match the color of the flashing to the color of the panels you buy. This makes the flashing blend in with the roof rather than stand out.


You'll probably use underlayment on your roofing project. You may want a product that's easy to apply, such as the peel-and-stick variety so you can avoid making holes in the deck to attach the underlayment barrier. You can buy underlayment locally or have it bundled with other roofing supplies when you order materials from a metal roofing supplier.

Clips, Adhesive, And Boots

You'll also need a variety of small supplies to put on the metal roof. Besides color-matched fasteners, you'll need clips, rubber boots for pipe vents, and adhesive. Buying all the supplies you need from a metal roofing supplier rather than getting some things from a home improvement store makes it easier to provide an itemized list to your customer to determine their cost for supplies.

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