Does your work in the machine shop or another similar business require you to use hand tools or more complex equipment to cut or adapt metal materials at different angles? If you want to make life easier for your employees, you might want to consider the installation of one or more manual rotary tables within your shop. Here's how this tool or piece of equipment could benefit your employees and your business.

Rotary Tables Will Allow You to Adjust the Materials Without Moving the Tools

The main point of a rotary table is that when you need to cut through metal or another material at different angles, it is much easier to make the materials move into position for a stationary machining tool than it would be to have the materials stationary and then have to try and move your tools or equipment. Many rotary tables are labeled to help you identify the perfect angle or position for whatever it is you are working on. You simply guide the table to the correct spot and get right back to work, making your entire process much more efficient than what you might be doing right now.

A Manual Rotary Table Will Not Move Unless the Worker Specifically Adjusts It

When it comes to rotary tables, it's possible to get one that is automated or computer-controlled. Push a button or push play on a pre-configured program and the table will automatically rotate as needed as the project progresses.

But if your machining work is still done by workers who get up close and personal with the tools and the materials, you might not want to take a chance of having an automated program or some kind of button making the table move unexpectedly. With a manual table, it can only be adjusted by hand. Lock the table at its new position and workers can continue the project with peace of mind that the table won't move again until they want it to.

A Rotary Table Allows for More Consistency and Precision in Your Work

As noted earlier, a rotary table can be used to guide the materials to pre-configured angles or positions. Because you can make sure the table is locked in exactly where you want it to be every time, this will ensure that your machining work is as precise as possible and that each finished product will look exactly the same or be consistent with the last one. 

For more information about rotary tables, contact a local manufacturer.