If you have some materials within your industry that need to be shielded or protected from various things, you might want to consider the use of the heat shrink FEP tubing. More and more professionals are starting to use this type of protective cover, and for very good reasons. To help you get a better understanding as to why this might be the thing you want to start using as well, check out the following:

The Temperature Can Be Lower

There are other heat shrink options out there, such as the PFA or the PTFE, but those require a higher heat level. If you want to keep the temperature down, you will want to opt for the heat shrink FEP tubing. The tubing will shrink around the materials to protect them a lot quicker than the alternatives, and you do not have as much of a risk of getting burned doing it.

The Tool Needed Is Simple

You will not have to invest in an insanely expensive heat gun in order to get the tubing to shrink. Remember, the base temperature for heat shrinking of the FEP is lower. All you need is a standard hairdryer. This is something that you probably have at home. If no one really uses it, you can borrow it for the heat shrinking of your FEP tubing. Otherwise, you can pick up a new hairdryer at just about any drug or department store for a reasonably low price. Also, since it is a device for your business, you can keep the receipt and write off the purchase of the hairdryer.

It Can Be Used On A Lot Of Things

There are a lot of things that the heat shrink FEP tubing can be used on. Some of those things include temperature probe covers, bearing surfaces, electrical insulation, roll covers, cable jacketing, and chafing sleeves. This tubing will provide extra protection from debris, chemicals, or dust, and they can be covered with the heat shrink FEP tubing.

With those few things in mind, you should be able to determine whether the heat shrink FEP tubing is something that you can make use of in your company. If it is something that would prove to be beneficial to you, you will want to begin to search for the best deals on it. This way, you will be able to purchase as much of it as you need and maybe even enough to have extras on hand.