When water needs to be cooled around an industrial site, cooling towers are the go-to solution. They're comprised out of a lot of important parts, with the fans being some of the most important. If you're planning to replace them because of damage or old age, take these precautions. 

Make Sure Wingspan Is the Correct Size

The performance and capabilities of fans for cooling tower parts depend on the wingspan. You want to make sure this attribute is correct before ordering replacement fans because then you can confirm you'll get the same type of cooling performance as you did before.

If you already know the wingspan of your current fans, then you can quickly find the right dimensions. If you don't and have to measure, make sure you do so in an accurate and professional way. Then you can ensure these fans provide the right performance and fit into position as they're supposed to.

Try to Prevent Vibration

If fans in a cooling tower experienced a lot of vibration, that isn't good from a longevity standpoint. Excess vibration can bring about wear and tear, thus preventing your cooling tower fans from reaching their appropriately-rated life expectancy. 

So that you don't put yourself in this position, try accounting for vibration from the very beginning by getting a fan model that doesn't produce a lot of it. Instead, you want a fan that can work in a streamlined way where only the necessary movements occur.

Go With a Hub Featuring Durable Materials

The foundation of every cooling tower fan is the hub, the component located in the center and where the blades extend out from. You want this part of the fan featuring durable materials because then the rest of the cooling tower fan will hold up as it should.

Aluminum alloys tend to work best for this component because not only are they durable, they don't weigh a lot. You then aren't sacrificing the efficiency of these fans because they'll move in a refined way while having plenty of protection. That can save you so many fan problems in the future.

When you decide to replace fans on a cooling tower, make sure you're going with a product that is long-lasting, trustworthy, and able to provide optimal cooling abilities. Then you'll be able to keep cooling towers running just fine as to help operations around an industrial site. To learn more regarding cooling tower parts, contact a supplier.