There are all types of fasteners, including many different types of bolts. Of course, not every type of bolt is going to work for every type of job. However, when you have the option of choosing from different bolts to use, you may want to choose hex head bolts. When compared to other types of bolts, hex head bolts have many benefits, including these.

You Can Turn Them With Your Hand

Although it is ideal to use the appropriate tool when working with a hex head bolt to ensure a proper hold, you might be happy to know that you can actually grip and turn a hex head bolt with your fingers. This can be convenient in a pinch, as you might need to tighten up a bolt right away but find yourself without the right tool at hand. You can quickly grip and tighten the bolt with your fingers, then go back later and tighten it with the appropriate tool when you have the chance.

You Can Grip Them At Any Angle

When you are using bolts in tight spaces, you might not be able to work with the bolt from just any angle. This can be frustrating when working with certain types of bolts. However, with hex head bolts, you have the option to use your tool to grip the bolt from pretty much any angle. This makes it much easier for you to work in less than ideal conditions, as you won't have to be able to face the hex head bolt head-on in order to get a grip and turn it.

They Come in Different Sizes

There are very large hex head bolts that are commonly used for industrial applications. There are also smaller and medium-sized hex head bolts that are commonly used in industrial environments and commercial or residential environments. When looking for a bolt or other fastener that works with your equipment or that works for your project, you will not have a hard time finding hex head bolts that will work well for your needs.

They Come in Different Styles

There are different styles and types of hex head bolts, so finding one that is ideal for your needs should be easy. There are affordable stainless steel hex head bolts, there are galvanized hex head bolts, and there are the popular bright zinc plated hex head bolts, too.

For more information about hex head bolts, contact a supplier.