Living in an older model home sure has its perks and charm, but there are some serious operating components inside an old house that really should be updated. This is especially true when it comes to electrical components. Modernizing your home's electrical system may sound intimidating, but it is not hard to do with a good electrician and the right modern electrical components. Here is a brief look at three simple ways you can make the electrical system of your outdated home a bit more modern than what it is now. 

Install fiberglass electrical enclosures and get rid of the metal ones. 

For a lot of years, metal enclosures were used to house electrical components. For example, if you were to take down a piece of drywall and look behind a light switch or electrical outlet, you would find a metal retaining box that protects the outlet from the surrounding materials. These days, electrical enclosure boxes are usually made out of plastic or PVC, and it is for good reason. Metal is naturally conductive of electricity; plastic is not. Therefore, if an open wire were to be contained in a fiberglass electrical enclosure, the current wouldn't get very far. 

Get rid of an electric panel with fuses. 

For a long time, the interruptible connections in an electric panel were controlled by fuses. these fuses go out when the load gets too large to break the connection, which means you may have to replace fuses on a fairly regular basis in a modern home that has higher electricity demands anyway. Upgrading to an electrical panel that uses circuit breakers instead is much more logical and safer than keeping those old fuse boxes around. Circuit breakers simply trip to disrupt the flow of current, so they can be switched on and not replaced every time a load is too much. 

Replace any old wiring with paper insulation around it. 

Take a good look at the insulation that coats the electrical wiring you have in your home. If the existing wiring has what looks like tattered paper around it, it is definitely a good sign that your electrical system is due for some upgrades. This old form of wiring was one of the initial types of wiring used in home construction. Plus, as you can probably imagine, the paper insulation doesn't do all that good of a job of insulating electrical components from exterior elements.