If your home uses well water, you hopefully understand the importance of making sure that the well and the well pump remain up to sufficient quality standards at all times. Failure to properly take care of your well or its pump could lead to significant issues with the quality of your water, and that could cause your family to get sick. If you want to ensure that your well pump is functioning properly, here are three different ways you can go about doing that.

Give it the Eye Test

The first way to see what your well pump is up to is simple enough: raise the pump out of the well while it is doing its job and watch it in operation. Make sure the motor is working as intended and take a close look at all of the seals. You'll ideally want to check up on your well about once a month. If any of the seals or another part of the pump appear to be developing issues, it's time to bring in a professional.

Test the Water

The next maintenance task you should use to check up on things is to look not at the well or well pump but the actual water that is coming out of it. You can get a well water testing kit at any well-known home improvement store. The exact numbers may vary, but go with what the kit tells you as you monitor the water's bacteria level, nitrate level, and anything else you find. You should be testing the well water about every 30 days. Keep a running log in which you write down the amount of bacteria and other contaminants you found. If you notice a significant increase in any particular area from one month to the next, you might have a problem with your well pump.

Get Professional Service

Even if you are inspecting the well, well pump, and your water every 30 days, you should still get a professional maintenance check at least once a year. A well water pro might notice things that you won't and can help you fix a small issue before it blows up into something larger. Forming a relationship with a service professional now will also give you someone you can immediately call for help if you notice you are in need of well pump repair or other maintenance.

To keep your well water as clean as possible, inspect your pump, well, and water on a regular basis and form a partnership with a local well water maintenance service. Companies like David Cannon Well Drilling can offer more information.