There are a lot of metal products used every day that you might not even look twice at. That metal used in all those things that we take for granted daily is often treated, coated, or finished in some way to enhance the way it looks or protect the material from damage through rust, scratching, or day to day wear and tear.

Painted Metal Surfaces

It is pretty common to see metal surfaces that are covered in paint. That metal has to be prepped first but if treated properly, painted metal surfaces can last a lifetime. The metal must be cleaned and stripped of any grease or other surface contaminants. Once the surface is cleaned, it is coated with a primer and sealer to protect it and create a surface that the paint can adhere to. The paint is applied to the metal in thin, even coats until the desired look is achieved. Once cured the metal will have a very durable surface that will also look nice.

Plated Metal Surfaces

Plating metal involves layering another metal like chrome, gold, or another material onto the metal base. For plating to work, the [art being coated needs to be clean. The plater will wash and clean the part in an acid bath to ensure there are no particles of dirt on it. The part is them submerged in several tanks, coating it a little at a time. Once the part is completed, the finish will be bright and shiny and the base metal, well protected.

Powder Coating Your Material

Another common treatment for metal is powder coating. In this process, the metal is grounded and an electrically charged powder is sprayed on the metal. The positive charge causes the powder to be attracted to the grounded part and stick to the metal. Once the power has been applied, the part is placed in an oven and baked. This changed the powder into a nice even, shiny coating that will stand out in the crowd.

Polishing Metal

Some metals are well-suited to polishing. Aluminum, brass, bronze, and a few others can be polished to produce a beautiful shine or finish on the metal. In some cases, repeated polishing may be required to keep the item looking good. Some metals polish better than others and in many cases, it is the softer metals and alloys that polish to a nice shine. If you are planning to polish a metal surface, visit a home center and get the right polish and supplies to make the job easier.

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