Whether you are in the middle of rearranging machinery in your industrial place of business or you are relocating a construction business, crane rental could become a necessary part of the process. While crane rentals are readily available, there can be major variations in the price according to the project that you have and what your specific needs may be. To get a better understanding of how much you should expect to pay to rent a crane, you have to understand the factors that can affect the cost. Here is a closer look at the breakdown of cost factors when you rent a crane:

Distance from the Source

Distance can have a huge impact on just how much you will have to pay to rent the crane. This is because a crane cannot just be driven to your place of business; it will have to be hauled in with a large flatbed truck. Therefore, you will be responsible for fuel charges that are associated with how many miles away you are from the crane rental source. Logically this means that the further you are away from an equipment rental store, the higher the costs of renting a crane will be. 

Manned or Unmanned 

Do you have a licensed operator who will be on site to operate the crane or will you need someone who can operate the crane for you? This will be a huge determining factor in the overall price of renting a crane. Of course, if the crane rental will have also have an operator, you can expect to have to pay more. Most crane operators will charge by the hour or their services, but in some cases, if the operator is provided by the rental service, you will get the crane and operator for a lump sum price for a certain amount of time. 

Permits or No Permits 

It is not uncommon for a business owner to have to get permits when they bring in certain types of heavy equipment. If you rent a crane, the rental store may be required to pay for permits just to get the crane to you because they have to travel certain routes or operate in a designated area. Most of the time the crane rental company will know all about what permits you need for your project, but these permits and the process of obtaining them can drive up your overall costs.  

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