Machining is the general term for a variety of processes during which a raw material of some sort, including plastic, metal, or wood, is transformed to a specific size and shape, following a specific removal process. If you are an artist and make three-dimensional art and sculpture, you can design your creations and have the component parts professionally machined for you so you can then assemble them together in final form. This is especially useful if you are making multiple copies of your creations for sale or exhibition in a gallery or store. You can have many raw materials professionally machined. Here are some of the processes and services that can be completed when you have the component parts of your creations professionally machined:  

Mill Machining:  A milling company uses rotating cutting tools such as mills and lathes to carve your raw materials into the shapes and sizes that you want. You can submit your measured drawings and raw materials to a mill machining company and a skilled machinist will consult with you to produce these components in the precise shapes and sizes that you specify. 

CNC Machining:  A Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine is controlled by a computer program that can form your raw materials into the shapes and sizes that you want. A CNC machine can be programmed to preserve as much of your raw material as possible. When a CNC machine is used with metals, all of the scrap metal and discarded metal shavings and chips can be saved, recycled, and smelted into raw metals so that you can use them again to make your creations. 

Finish Machining:  After your raw materials have been machined into the shapes and sizes that you want, you can then have the resultant components completely finished so that they are ready for assemblage in their final form. Finish machining includes preparation of metal surfaces for welding or soldering, smoothing rough surfaces so they fit together perfectly, cleaning and sanding surfaces, and polishing all component parts. You can also have a finish machining company etch or carve your name, date, a copyright symbol, and/or a metal purity symbol on the surface of your machined parts. 

With preparation and planning, you can save time and money by having your products professionally machined. Having these services completed for you by machining companies is faster than producing them yourself. It can save you money by not having to invest in expensive mills, lathes, drills, bench grinders, polishers, and other expensive power tools and hand tools. Once your raw materials have been machined and returned, you can assemble them in their final form and know that all will fit together without having to remake any component parts. 

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