The construction industry relies heavily on fabricated steel to support the framework for large buildings. Protecting this steel against catastrophic failure in the event of a fire is critical when it comes to maintaining the structural stability of the building. If you are looking for a simple way to make your steel products more fire-resistant, then you may want to consider finishing each of your products with an intumescent coating.

Here are two benefits that you will enjoy when you opt to invest in an intumescent finish for your steel products in the future.

1. Opting to finish your steel products with an intumescent coating makes them more marketable.

If you are looking for a simple way to expand the marketability of your steel products, then making the choice to finish these products with an intumescent coating can be very beneficial.

Experts expect the demand for intumescent-coated steel products to continue rising in the foreseeable future. In fact, the predicted growth of the intumescent coatings market is expected to surpass $1.2 billion by the year 2024. This means that if you start coating your steel products now, they will remain in higher demand over time.

2. An intumescent finish can keep your steel products in compliance with building codes.

In order for a construction project to be cleared for use, the materials used to complete the building must meet certain minimum safety standards. Since fire presents a serious hazard to the health and safety of anyone who may be inside the building when a fire breaks out, getting your steel products to meet fire codes can be a great way to increase their marketability in the construction sector.

An intumescent coating is designed to expand when it is exposed to high temperatures. As the coating expands, it provides additional insulation for your steel products. This allows the steel to retain its structural integrity and prevent the steel from heating up and bending or cracking when exposed to the high temperatures associated with a fire. Keeping your steel products in compliance with building codes by finishing them with an intumescent coating will help create increased demand for your steel in the future.

Being able to recognize some of the benefits that an intumescent coating can provide when it comes to finishing your steel products allows you to see why you should make investing in intumescent coatings a priority as you fabricate structural steel in the future. For more information, contact companies like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc.