Is your commercial boiler failing to provide enough hot water throughout the property. Are you wondering if it needs to be replaced? There are a lot of problems that can arise with a boiler, especially if it wasn't properly maintained over the years.

Call a boiler-repair professional to do an inspection and cleaning of the boiler so you can target where the problem is. Here are a few common issues that can cause the water temperature to be low and prevent your boiler from fulfilling your hot-water needs.

Lack of Pressure

If there is a lack of pressure, then the hot water can't come to all of the areas in the building, and this may be causing the water to cool by the time it gets to its destination. You'll want to have the water pressure checked when water is coming out of the boiler to see if that is the problem.

Damaged Internal Components

The internal components need to be cleaned and checked out regularly. Here are some parts that may need to be replaced so you can get hot water.

  • Broken diaphragm
  • Damaged airlock valve
  • Faulty heat sensors

The expert will test all parts and let you know what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired. If there are several expensive parts that need to be replaced in order to get the machine working properly again, it may be time to replace the unit.

Thermostat Errors  

If the thermostat isn't reading the temperature of the water correctly or isn't working at all, this could be preventing the boiler from getting the water to the correct temperature. In this case, the thermostat needs to be repaired. Fixing the thermostat may be something as easy as resetting it or troubleshooting the issue, but there could be worse internal problems that would require the thermostat to be replaced.

Talk with a boiler-repair professional, such as one from Schweitzer Roger & Sons, to see if they think your boiler is efficient or if you should spend the money to invest in a new, more efficient water-heating system. The newer tankless hot-water heaters that run off electricity or gas are more efficient than a large water tank if you are thinking of making the investment to get a new unit. The current age of your water heating boiler and how much work it needs to have done should determine if it's worth fixing the boiler or if you should take it out and have it replaced.