If the wire mesh fence that surrounds your business property has a small hole in it due to a sharp object coming into contact with it, temporarily repair the structure by completing the following steps. Once finished, the fence's surface will remain intact until you are able to have the affected area repaired or placed by a professional company.


  • ruler
  • piece of wire mesh
  • sharp scissors
  • detergent
  • water 
  • sponge
  • ultraviolet and moisture-resistant thread
  • embroidery needle
  • masking tape
  • safety pins
  • spray to prevent thread from fraying

Trim The Damaged Area And Prepare The Enclosure

Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim any jagged mesh edges. Line up a ruler around each side of the damaged section to determine how much mesh will be needed to repair it. Cut a piece of replacement mesh that is the same size. Remove dirty residue from the mesh enclosure's surface by wiping it off with a soapy sponge. Once you have finished, wait for the treated areas to dry.

Secure The Replacement Piece Of Mesh

Cut a piece of ultraviolet and moisture-resistant thread that is long enough to repair the damaged area. Thread an embroidery needle with the piece of thread and tie the end of it in a knot. Place the replacement piece of mesh over the damaged area. Secure it with a few strips of masking tape or by inserting safety pins through it and the original piece of mesh. Insert the needle through both pieces of mesh. Pull the thread so that it is taut.

Attach the new piece of mesh by using a simple straight stitch to sew around the edge of the new piece of mesh. With this type of stitch, you will alternate by pulling the needle towards you through both pieces of mesh and pushing it away from you through both pieces of mesh. Once the new piece of wire mesh is secure, cut the end of the thread and tie a double knot in it. Spray the surface of the thread with a product that is designed to prevent thread from fraying.

Take Care Of The Wire Mesh

Carefully clean the mesh surface in the future so that it does not become damaged again. Use a soft cloth, scrub brush with natural bristles, and soapy water to eliminate stains. Afterwards,  rinse the wire mesh off with a strong stream of plain water. The replacement piece of mesh will remain intact until you are ready to hire a fencing contractor to permanently repair the area that has been patched.